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WCS Trophies can be one off special events through to multi-class and

multi-placing trophies. We use different materials to create your vision and fantastic event reward. Don't accept the ordinary anymore - a WCS trophy can lift your event and keep your clients and competitors coming back for more event after event.



Acrylic is a fantastic

product that makes great

trophies. With so many options of colour and size, WCS is able to create special trophies for you.

Let WCS create your event a special trophy rewarding the winners.


Nothing is more timelsss than wood. Even better is upcycled NZ timber. We source old timber to create beautiful trophies and plaques for special events and presentations. Wood makes an excellent base for clocks to help celebrate long service volunteers or staff. At WCS we have the ability to make any shape and size of clock for that special gift.



Metal trophies allow real fantastic trophies. Specially crafted and designed, mounted to our upcycled wood bases, metal adds a true longevity to your trophy. Contact us directly to discuss your needs.

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